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Dearest visitor, we are happy you are here. We would like to share Christ with you and with the entire world. You too can be simply a Christian and serve God without belonging to any denomination, bound by denominational laws or obligations. You can be righteous, if and only if you can obey God through Jesus Christ. If this freedom appeals to you, please contact us or visit us NOW! You will be glad you did! We will be glad you did! Ultimately, God will be glad you did! 

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coc ogoluwa gospel preaching

“What Gospel Preaching Can Do”

Preaching Divine Creation stirs the Evolutionist.

Preaching the one true church stirs the denominationalists.

Preaching against liquor stirs the drinker.

Preaching on modesty stirs the immodest.

Preaching on attendance stirs those unfaithful in attendance.

Preaching on pure speech stirs the gossip.

Preaching on dedication stirs the uncommitted.

Preaching on honesty stirs the cheat.

Preaching against sin stirs the guilty.

Preaching on Christ stirs those who love Him.

Preaching on Heaven stirs the hearts of those who want to go there.

Come visit the church of Christ that meet at Ogo-Oluwa, Osogbo, Osun State, Nigeria and hear soul-stirring Gospel preaching (Acts 17:6; Romans 1:16; II Peter 1:13, 3:1)!!