Christian and Money

By ’Gbenga Fabunmi Great change since I was born (3 times). There is a great change since I was born.        I used to lie, I lie no more,        I used to fight, I fight no more,        I used to drink, I drink no more, There is a great change since I was born.   Great …

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coc ogoluwa gospel preaching

“What Gospel Preaching Can Do”

Preaching Divine Creation stirs the Evolutionist. Preaching the one true church stirs the denominationalists. Preaching against liquor stirs the drinker. Preaching on modesty stirs the immodest. Preaching on attendance stirs those unfaithful in attendance. Preaching on pure speech stirs the gossip. Preaching on dedication stirs the uncommitted. Preaching on honesty stirs the cheat. Preaching against …

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