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  1. Building Christian Home
  2. History of Easter Notes
  3. The Silence of the Scriptures
  4. The Great Apostasy and the Restoration Movement
  5. Scriptural Marriage
  6. Providing for Necessary Spiritual Help for our Children in Higher Institutions
  7. Who Needs to be re-baptised?
  8. Well, the Lord Spoke to Me
  9. Think not that I have come to destroy the law…
  10. The Constitution of the New Testament Church
  11. The Authority of God
  12. The Church in the Eternal Purpose of God
  13. Preach the Word!
  14. Scriptural Marriage, Traditional Customs and Civil Laws – 2
  15. The Church Growth: Lessons from the Early Church
  16. How to Study the Bible (Hermeneutics) by Gene Taylor
  17. Keeping the Commandment
  18. Who Needs to be ‘re-baptised’?
  19. The Origin of Christmas
  20. The Truth about the Calling of God by Gbenga Fabunmi
  21. What the Gospel Preaching can do
  22. Are we saved by faith Alone?
  23. Influence of Christian Home on the church Growth by Gbenga Fabunmi
  24. Christian and Money by Gbenga Fabunmi
  25. Nullifying That By Which We Are Saved by A. C. Grider
  26. Man did not write the Bible 
  27. Is “re-baptism” scriptural? By Wayne Jackson
  28. The thief on the Cross by Dave Miller, PhD

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